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Baby is starting to head toward a more predictable routine, even though life isn't always "on schedule." Any nighttime feedings are followed by more sleep.

Breast feeding — This schedule is more established. You've lived through two growth spurts! Breast feeding should become much easier!

Formula — Feed 4-6 oz. every 4 hours. If your baby seems hungry after drinking 8 oz. of formula at one time or drinking 35 oz. of formula in 24 hours and has doubled his birthweight, you may start rice cereal before the 4 month visit. Mix it thin and feed baby from a spoon. We suggest you "take the edge" off the hunger by feeding a bit of formula first, then practicing with the spoon and finishing with the rest of the formula. Hungry babies don't have the patience to learn how to eat from a spoon! We also suggest feeding cereal in the early evening at first. If rice cereal is tolerated, you may try barley and oatmeal cereals.

Baby should be sleeping 6-8 hours continuously at night. Again, we suggest Mom and baby sleep in separate rooms to allow everyone to get enough rest!

Expect more alertness and interaction as baby smiles, coos and turns toward sounds. Baby may also begin reaching toward objects.

Ask your doctor at the 2 month visit if your baby's PKU test was normal (this is a routine test done by the hospital when baby was 48 hours old). This helps us to remember to give you the results which we've usually received! In addition, check with us to see if your child had a hearing test at birth and confirm with us that the results were normal. Again, this reminds us to share with you informa¬tion which we've usually already received.


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