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  1. A&D Ointment — (Vitamins A & D) Promotes healing of diaper rashes and other dermatitis.
  2. Acetaminophen — Tempra, Tylenol, Liquiprim, Panadol, and generic brands work equally well. Remember that elixirs, drops, and chewable tablets have different dosing instructions. Check label instructions, ask your pharmacist, check with your doctor during regular office hours or consult the dosage chart on page of this book. Acetaminophen also comes in nonprescription suppositories. Ask your pharmacist.
  3. Bandages — Kid styles are fun, but any national or generic brand works fine.
  4. Benadryl — (Diphenhydramine) This antihistamine is available as an elixir or pills. Both label and generic brands work well to relieve runny noses, sneezing, itchy nose and throat, and itchy or watery eyes due to allergies, upper respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Follow label instructions or the chart on page 69 of this book for recommended dosages and check with your doctor during regular office hours before administering.
  5. Calamine/Caladryl Lotion and Aveeno Bath — Helps relieve symptoms associated with poison ivy and insect bites. Follow label instructions and treat only mild symptoms at home. If condition is widespread or involves eyes, genitals, or other complications, please consult your doctor.
  6. Chapstick — Use to heal dry chapped lips. Also works well on chapped faces from teething.
  7. Cool Mist Vaporizer — Change water daily and clean out with bleach every three days. These are usually found in large supermarkets. Inexpensive brands work just as well as expensive ones.
  8. Desitin — (Zinc oxide) Promotes healing of diaper rashes and other dermatitis.
  9. Ice Packs/Frozen Teethers/Popsicles — Used to relieve swelling from minor bumps and bruises on the body and mouth.
  10. Infant Dosing Spoon — Available at all pharmacies. Used to administer doses of medicine accurately.
  11. Insect Repellent Avoid eye area. Avon's Skin So Soft works well.
  12. Nasal Aspirator — This is a bulb syringe used to clear the nose. Babies usually receive one at birth or check with your pharmacist. Or, gently swab the             nose with Q-Tips.
  13. Neosporin/Non-Stinging Antibiotic Cream — Apply to cuts to prevent infection.
  14. Non-Prescription Hydrocortisone Cream (Cortaid) — Soothes allergic skin reactions and mild irritation including insect bites and poison ivy.
  15. Normal Saline Nose Drops (Salt water or contact solution) — Will loosen nose secretions so they can be sucked out with a bulb syringe. To make home­made nose drops, mix 1/4 tsp. table salt with one cup of water.
  16. Pedialyte or Ricelyte — These are rehydration liquids used when children have diarrhea or excessive vomiting. Follow label instructions or consult your doctor for recommended dosages. Never use longer than 12 hours without talking to your physician. These are also available as popsicles.
  17. Sunscreen — Use SPF 30 block. Higher SPF factors are not much more beneficial. All children (and parents) need sunscreen and should regularly wear hats and sunglasses. Most labels do not recommend for use on babies under six months of age. They bum too easily and shouldn't be in the sun at all! Some studies suggest that high sun exposure under three years of age can be associated with increased risks for skin cancer later in life.
  18. Thermometer — Use either oral, rectal, or ear thermometers. Rectal thermometers require the use of Vaseline or KY jelly prior to insertion.
  19. Tweezers — To remove splinters and ticks. Most ticks are harmless, but remove in one piece, save, and report all tick bites to your doctor during regular office hours.
  20. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly — Lubricates and soothes in tasks requiring barriers such as circumcision or diaper rashes. 
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