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Baby is starting to develop a bit of a personality. She can see about 1 foot and especially likes faces. Talk, sing, and laugh with baby. Even though she isn't on a schedule per se, baby may be easier to handle. Remember she's been part of the family for a month!

Baby continues to need only breast milk or formula. She may want to eat more in the early evening as she prepares for sleeping more at night. Breast feeding: — Nurse baby every 3-4 hours for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast. Formula — Feed 3-5 oz. every 3-4 hours. If using ready-to-feed formula, change to a concentrate or powder. Babies need fluoride which is provided by adding water to powdered or concentrated formula. Do not start cereal even if baby seems hungry. Her tummy is not ready for it.

Baby may sleep 4-5 hours at night once she weighs 11 lbs. Keep in mind that baby doesn't have a schedule yet. One good day will be followed by one tough day. This is normal! VOIDS: Stools will be more formed and less frequent.

Baby is more social, may be smiling now and appears to be "following" movements with her eyes.


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