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Establish a "mealtime" and eat at the table with your child. She should be eating all table foods now and using a cup. Get rid of the bottle! All children need to drink Vitamin D whole milk until age 2. It has 4% fat in it (as opposed to 2%, 1%, and skim). This fat is necessary for the brain to develop. Don't let food become a battleground. Encourage your child to eat healthy foods by offering her those types of foods for three balanced meals and two snacks each day. A food chart guideline is listed separately. She might seem picky, but remember that she might not eat three solid meals each day. Be flexible and eating will be a happy time, not a frustrating one. We'll check your child's hemoglobin at this visit and determine whether or not you need to supplement her diet with vitamins.

Pacifiers are still fine at bedtime, but don't allow them to be used out of bed since they'll inhibit language development. Naps are still necessary, but some days your child needs one and other days two. She may want to use a regular sized pillow. Set a bedtime routine of toothbrushing and stories.

Stools are more formed and may seem more "regularly timed." Your child may have fewer wet diapers during the day once the bottle is gone.

Never spank, hit, or slap children. This teaches them to use hitting as a means of releasing anger. Discipline and guidance for children behaving unacceptably might include the "time-out" system, distraction, or removing the child from the trouble spot. In addition, saying "no" all the time will eventually lead to the child tuning out to that word. As for rough play, avoid throwing children up in the air as it can cause mini-strokes and avoid holding them up by the arms to prevent dislocating the elbow.

It is normal for your child not to walk until 18 months. Don't worry about this! Baby is now feeding herself regularly, picking up things and able to throw things. Your child may also consistently speak 2-3 recognizable words.

(1) Limit and supervise television viewing. Choose pleasant, positive pro­grams. Avoid violent cartoons. They lead to nightmares.
(2) As for potential lead poisoning, take a moment to complete this lead questionnaire below and bring it to your child's next well visit so we can talk about protecting at-risk children from problems with lead.

Do you live in or are a frequent visitor to deteriorated housing?

Do you live in housing built before 1960 with recent or ongoing renovation?

Have you lived in housing built before 1960 in the past 5-6 years?

Do you live near an active lead smelter, battery recycling plant or an industry likely to release lead into the air?

Are there any members of the household that work in a lead related occupation or hobby?

Has your child regularly visited a house with peeling or chipping paint?

Do you know any children with lead poisoning?

Does your child ingest non-food substances?

Does your child have ongoing complaints or symptoms of:
Stomach ache
Nausea and/or vomiting
Sleep disorders
Poor appetite

Is your child's weight/height within normal range?


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